Bird Shows, Florida

I don’t know how many Florida residents there are on this forum… but, there’s a bird show coming to Tallahassee this weekend, which is 2hrs 22mins from where I live. I’ve never been to a bird show and I’m wondering if I should make the drive. Are there actual birds at these events as well?This is the Southeast Exotic Bird Fair. Anyone familiar with it?

I’m sorry but I can’t help you because I really do not know. I never patronize events like bird shows or fairs… For one thing, I don’t like to go where there are so many birds (risk of contagion) but, for another, I don’t agree with exploiting animals in any way.

Oh I don’t think it’s a bird show like literally “show”. I think it’s more like a convention with vendors that do food/toys/other products. I was just wondering if anyone knew about this one.

There are always bad breeders selling babies in them. And I say bad breeders because they are the only ones that would sell in such a venue -good breeders have waiting lists for their babies. I personally know of two people who bought birds in places like that, one had psittacosis (a Senegal, a personal friend of mine from Pennsylvania) and the other one had PDD (a macaw -he was a member here).

Well that’s a bummer. Thanks for letting me know. We didn’t end up going anyways, didn’t feel like driving the 2.5 hours there and back (it was longer than I thought- Tallahassee not Jacksonville) and so we decided to go trail riding instead. Sundays are usually our only long bike ride day. =)