Birds are Not Real

okay everyone, I know that this is kind of random but I had to share this with you. Did you know that there are people that believe birds are not real? I guess you can see that it is a conspiracy theory. A quick google search for it gave me this:

If you haven’t heard of the “Birds Aren’t Real” movement yet , you will soon. It is a society of people who believe, essentially, that the birds that exist and live in our world today are not really birds at all, but rather government surveillance drones. These people claim that their theory dates back all the way back to 1959.

I thought this was a joke but I looked into it and their subreddit has more than 139k member and their Instagram page has more than 132k followers at the time of me typing this.

have you guys every heard of this before and what do you think? lol

that really triggers me! >:C

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I know right! I mean, how could they have such a huge following? I bet these people have never owned birds before. oh, and sorry that this triggered you! I just really wanted to share it because of how crazy it sounded! :exploding_head:

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the lunacy that is out there now is hard to comprehend. take the flat earth movement. :face_with_head_bandage:

where’s the emot that’s slapping their forehead? <_<

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lol, you talking about this one? :man_facepalming:

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I really hope they are just trying to be funny :rofl:

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Oh my goodness. I just went to their instagram page. In 2 weeks they’ve gained 2000 followers. Insanity haha.
I found this video and had to laugh. I’m not sure if they’re being serious or not. It’s hard to gauge.
Either way I had a laugh.