Birds' right to dignity of cage-free life

This is, actually, about a case before the courts in India but I was very impressed by the judge’s opinion. Baby steps in the right direction and coming from a country where there is so much poverty… … 315094.cms

In the Philippines, little birds were caught and put in little wooden cages without food or water. Americans bought them and released them. While saving one they instigated the capture of many more but even I could not break the cycle. I had to buy and release them.

To be effective this type of law would have to ban any breeding of these birds in captivity as well as the sale trade or ownership of said birds hatched after a certain date. It would have to be worded that way in order to prevent to euthanization or release of the birds already hatched in captivity because they still have the right to life and the birds hatched and raised in captivity are not prepared to survive without human intervention. The law would effectively ban any other ownership of these birds and when they died that would be the end of parrots as aviary or companion bird.

Another article concerning this trial in India. … nt-page-1/ In this one we learn that it was a ruling in 2011 by the High Court that established the right of birds to fly free in the sky. And then in May 2014 that it ruled that they also had the right to live with dignity. The Indian Parliament is expected to raise the rights of animals to the level of constitutional rights, It appear from this article that this has been done already in several other countries although they were not named.