Bliss is going to the vet today!

Bliss is going to the vet today! Does anyone know how i could put pictures of bliss up?

yknow, because of the coordination thing.

Do you guys want to know the news when i get back?

I hope it’s a congenital neurological impairment and not something like metal poisoning because, if it is, you might have waited too long. Not that it cannot be cured when it’s advanced because it can but the longer you wait, the more damage the kidneys and liver suffer and most of it is not reversible (liver gets better but not kidneys). People don’t realize that birds are not like dogs, they don’t ‘get better’ on their own and, by the time you see a symptom, the bird is VERY sick. Let us know what the vet does and says, please (I’ve been worrying about this bird for weeks now…)

I want to know the news! One of my birds is badly co-ordinated too. What kind of tests is the vet going to do?

thank you for your thoughts, Im hoping it is just a baby thing.i will let you know as soon as i get back from the vet.

I want to know what the vet has to say as I too have been deeply troubled about this for some time.

were back!the vet says that the inbreeding and mutation causes bliss to be physically and maybe mentally slow, and he will always be like that. I’m so relieved, she said he can still live a very happy life and we solved the reason he could not fly. ( HIS BABY FEATHERS WERE CLIPPED BY THE PET STORE ) he will have to molt into his adult feathers before learning to fly. she said the falling and step up dis-coordination is the part that makes her think inbred impairment. bliss was healthy in every other way!I’m so glad bliss was not fighting pollyoma!thank you all so much for your concern! its great to know other people are caring about bliss.

bliss is now back with his best friend delight!!! he is now back to his happy go lucky sweet self, after the stressful vet visit.

I am happy to learn that bliss is not sick as well as that he will be able to fly as he should. As for the impairments caused by the inbreeding used to create this mutation, this is one of the risks and problems that we have been talking about as being unacceptable to proper breeding. You were recently looking for documentation to show to the pet store owner about the risks involved with the mutations that they are selling, well you now have the proof that you were looking for. Not a good way to get it but you now have it documented.