Bliss's pin feathers!

bliss is exploding with pin feathers, we will know his/her gender soon enough!Right now his head is getting more yellow in certain areas, and the body is getting a bit darker in certain areas. Does this have meaning?

AHA! I told you this was going to happen soon. It’s the juvenile molt and yes, it’s common for contour feathers to change color when this happens.

You were right. Do you Think he will be male or female his head is becoming almost all yellow and it use to be half grey

as you can see, at the beginning of his molt, the front of his head is becoming less dul, and dark yellow and more bright, and bold.

NICrosis wrote:PICS!Now you sound just like the rest of us.

thats what we think, because his head is becoming brighter.

the pic came out too small.

Anyone else have inputs on what gender?