Book: Mind of the Raven

I just finished reading the book “Mind of the Raven” by Bernd Heinrich in my efforts to understand how much intelligence my conure, Disney, has. The conclusion was two fold one: that ravens do feel love, as they need to have an internal reward to carry on a long term relation ship, and ravens mate for life. Two: that ravens do have consciousness as they can imagine a new way to solve problems that they cannot have possibly learned through evolution or memory, like pulling up a string to get the food at the end of it. They would have to imagine the end reward as they get no reward for each step leading up to it.I didn’t get what I was looking for with this book as I already know Disney has consciousness, and I already know he feels love. I feel the love coming from him, like the man in the documentary “The Parrots of Telegraph Hill” felt the emotions in “his” conures.And while I disagree with some of the things he did, it was still a good book. If anyone is looking for a good read.