Book: "Unlikely companions"

This is a new book that came out, written by an avian vet called Laurie Hess (who happens to be the vet a sanctuary I know of in upstate NY and a friend in Pa use). I figured maybe somebody wanted to put it on his/her Christmas list. I did although I don’t know when I will end up reading it as my pile of books never seems to go down -I just started Animal Minds and although it’s -so far- super interesting, it’s not what one would call ‘light reading’ either … 261db.html

Pajarita, do you sleep?

I do. Not as much as I should, according to what doctors say it’s good for your health, but I do sleep. But, if you are asking because of my references to books I read or plan to read, I read every single time I can and I can do (if I choose to) speed-reading. I do it while I watch TV (during commercials or whenever I have already seen the movie -I follow it by listening to the dialogue and just lift my head on the ‘important parts’ ), while I help my grandkids do their homework, while I am waiting for them to come of school and (the best!) whenever my husband is driving. People complain about long trips but I love them because they mean hours of me reading without my having to worry about anything else (no birds, dogs, cats or children to watch over). My mother read every single day of her life and she made sure her kids did the same thing. We only got a TV when I was six (I was already reading books by then) and it had only 4 channels that worked only in the evenings so there was plenty of time for us to read. We even had our own bookshelves filled up with books meant for children all the way up to teens. We had the entire Robin Hood collection (from Argentina) that specialized in classics for young readers so we had the works of authors like Jules Verne, James Fenimore Cooper, Rudyard Kipling, Robert Louis Stevenson, Emilio Salgari, Louisa May Alcott, Charlotte Bronte, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Jack London, Mark Twain, the Grimm brothers, Johan Christian Andersen, Johanna Spyri, Arthur Connan Doyle, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Alexandre Dumas, Horacio Quiroga, etc. I was very fortunate in my education, I did not only go to a very good private school (catholic nuns and all girls ), I had private classes in guitar, dance and languages plus lots and lots of wonderful books to learn from! It instilled a hunger for knowledge and a reading habit that I still have nowadays but, unfortunately, failed to pass on to my kids.

Yes and we all have benefited from it. Thank you for being a studyaholic.

A ‘studyholic’? That’s a new one for me! I consider myself a bibliophile - and I do mean that in the strictest sense as in actual books, printed in paper and that you hold in your hand. One of my kids gave me one of those e-reader things and another one took the time to sit with me and download some I wanted to re-read (books I originally read in Spanish originally but that I would like to read again in the original language) and I couldn’t even go through more than a few pages! I don’t like them, I like real books. So bookworm works too

Bibliophiles, well that’s a new one for me . Apparently my I-pad knows at least the spelling of it so I will look it up. not real educated but dam street smart! well I do read a lot as in also (non-fiction). looking up recipes today to make my dad healthy alternative to his bread fettish , came across a biblical bread Ezekiel bread and it sounds so good for the fids , all you would have to do is add is some chopped veggie and a little fruit and one stop shopping for the pickey little buggers ( well looking up) Bibliophiles , I’m going to assume that studyaholic would be an underlying symptom of the latter, if it was a proper word. they have meetings for that have a great day everyone I’m going to try that bread now , I’ll let everyone know. B . W.

I love books too. We have three big bookcases full. Mainly factuall, but a few favourite fiction like Terry Pratchet. I have just discovered Kindle unlimited which is great as I can read any amount of books, even at night when I can’t sleep on my tablet pc without putting the room light on.The only time I see a TV on now is when I am at my Daughters Grandchildren sitting.