Breeders near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello AllI’ve been doing a ton of research (including lurking around this forum lol) and I think I’m ready to get my first bird. I would really like a green cheek conure. I’m currently looking for responsible breeders in my area. Does anyone know any good breeders in Ontario? I’m willing to travel a little farther from Toronto to ensure I’m dealing with a breeder who treats his/her birds in the best manner possible (that goes for the babies and the breeders).Thanks!

Have you looked on ? There are MANY birds advertised on there. Breeders advertise as well as owners looking to rehome their bird. Don’t discount an older bird as well, because many have set personalities meaning what you see is what you get.

Thanks for the idea - I have been monitoring Kijiji for the past week or so and will continue to do so. I was really just looking to see if there was anyone specific that came recommended that I could look into on top of Kijiji. (Or also, if there was someone I should steer clear of…)Thanks again

Oh yes, steer away from Heaven’s lil’ Darlings. I’ve heard that the breeder doesn’t believe in harness training and promotes taking your bird outside clipped- which is a very dangerous practice because clipped birds get lost all the time, often posted on

Hi! Did you try Parrot Farm? I got my Meyer’s a few weeks ago and they were lovely to deal with. He is just outside Toronto. It is best to call them…they usually always answer. Their # is (905)772-3101. They have a great website and different breeds. Good luck!

Cathy at WanteringWings breeds African parrots if you are still looking.

I am going to go look at green cheeks today actually at Birds R Us (breeder, not store) in Brampton - so not too far (he has a few clutches available/soon to be available and then a few different colours). I will let you know if I decide to buy from him tonight since I am looking for someone who takes out the time to really tame them and take care of them.Just google birds r us and you should find the website.and you just call and make an appointment.I do think he’s 50 dollars or so more expensive then others though, so keep that in mind.But yeah, I am going tonight so I’ll let you know.

Just realized that the thread was brought back from the dead, whoops.

Carley wrote:Just realized that the thread was brought back from the dead, whoops.My bad, I brought it back during a local search. I couldn’t log on for the longest time.

Hi, JonClark! This thread is from 2012 so I doubt the OP is still looking for a breeder.