Breeding question sorta

There is no such thing as an albino cockatiel. However, if you breed a white faced cockatiel with a lutino cockatiel, there is a chance that some of the offspring will come out as white faced lutinos. These are pure white with the red eyes.

Well Johnny, i’m not sure about what everyone calls albino tiels, and i don’t stress over what they’re called anyway. I have white tiels and when i breed white X white i get all white babies.If bred whiteX normal i should get 50% white and 50% split to white, if i were to then breed split to white with split to white i would get 50% white and 50% split to white, If i breed white X split to white i get 75% white, if i breed split to white X normal i get 25% white, is all that as clear as mud or what? That’s hard on a fella’s head !!

Well… Capt… youre talking about whitefaces tiels i guess? Since youre discribing a reccessive genetic mutation. The ‘albino’ is a sex linked genetic mutation. First of all, Zaza is right. There is no such thing as a true albino. You do however have white faces lutino. A lutino is an all yellow bird (or whitish yellow) with red cheecks and red eyes. A whitefaced albino is the lutino mutation in a white faced bird.I would love to explain the genetics to you, but it is a very difficult concept to understand. If you breed 2 albinos, you will get 100% albinos. This link has a very good genetics guide. It is a site about budgies, but the principles are the same. The yellow cockatiels are the same as the green budgies. the white faced tiels are the same mutation as the blue budgies. … &w=archief(click on colours/mutations for the colour guide)Hav fun figuring it out.

Like i said it all hurts my head. And i don’t really care what they’re called , i think they’re all pretty.and i have fun playing god !! And just for the sake of argument the American Cockateil Society has a description of Albino cockatiels that sounds and looks alot like my birds,