Breeding season

The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho now has three California Condor eggs to begin the breeding season for this bird. It is the most eggs that they have had for the start of the season. Here is the link: … .html?rh=1 This can only mean that the breeding season for parrots is just around the corner.

Oh, yes, it’s pretty much already here. The canaries are singing and squabbling with each other across their cages bars, the finches started laying, the male tiels are calling all day long and the parrots are all looking for nests (amazons destroying cardboard boxes like crazy and defending territory, cockatoos chewing walls, conures getting either VERY affectionate or nippy, etc.)

Yeah, I was pretty sure that it was when Kiki, the Senegal started getting exceptionally lovey-dovey to me.

I have had Myrtle for 4 years now. As close as we are I thought she would never let me touch her head. Now she comes to me every evening and puts her head down for scratches. This is her first season.