Breeding Trainee

I’m a 21 year-old birdnerd from Sweden who is pursuing a career in wildlife conservation. I’m especially interested in reintroduction projects and therefore breeding programs. At the moment I’m working in a reintroduction project with Scarlet Macaws in Mexico and before that I was monitoring the breeding season of El Oro Parakeets in Ecuador. To be able to work in breeding programs of parrots I first have to learn the skills of artificial incubation and hand rearing (and soooo much more) and that is why I’ve found my way to this forum. I am looking for a somewhat larger scale breeder of larger parrots (macaws, amazons, cockatoos, pionus, conures etc) who would be interested in an apprentice/trainee. I have studied animal husbandry for three years and have more hands-on experience than most in my age, for example I’ve hand reared pretty much all types of birds you can find in Northern Europe through work at a wildlife rescue center.If anyone would be interested, or know someone, feel free to send me an email with any questions you might have and I will send you my CV.Quite obviously I’m not fuzzy about where in the world I end up!Thanks a lot!