Brown headed parrot moved in

So… I’m happy I’m not living too cramped… Yesterday I adopted a brown headed parrot because “her”(gender unknown) daddy had passed. I think she chose me and I absolutely adored this seemingly shy girl. And now after beeing here just over 24 hours I can tell she has been handled a lot and are well sozialized already yesterday she decided I was a suitable mate and started todo the mating dance on my hand(and I do have a bad feeling about this thinking it is something that is going to come back and haunt me). I just wish I knew what she has been called in the past, but I am gonna do some detective work so perhaps ill find out(more on this coming later in the post). While me and Polarn was out on our daily trip in harness today I decided to get a harness for the little one and of course when I got home I was laying on the bed with with the little BH on my chest and she was all cuddly so I couldn’t resist to see how she would react to the harness, and either she has been using a harness before or she is just extremely relaxed, couse the harness went on as if she had done nothing else. So… I took her out on a road trip while she was happily chirping on my shoulder. So I went to get a DNA sample so that I will get to know weather I’m right with it being a she or if its a male, not that it really matters, but since the name is currently unknown I thought it might help me figure out a suitable name for her. We used a towel to hold her (wich I could just put down over her without any flapping or reaction) when we poked her toe to get a blood sample, just in case she would react badly to the sting, then it’s easier(I think) to hold a birdie with a towel. But a little squek and then she was begging for scratches again. And since we were there already I asked to get her nails done and she happily stepped up on the store owners hand to get the nails done. As I said earlier I think she has been pretty well socialized. Anyways, since she has a band I checked the band for the number to get that on the DNA certificate, and noticed she actually has a Swedish band wich I didn’t think she would since their really rare here and even some breeders will order bands from abroad since their afraid the registry will be published on the web or something. Anyways all bands sold here there is a record of not much more info than date of purchase and a name of the person who bought it though. But since it is a closed band I know it was put on as a chick so I know the band was purchased before the birdie got to big. However it may wery well have been sitting in a box at the breeder for years before put on, but it will give me a maximum age. And also a name of the person who bred her, and with some luck he/she may keep copies of hatch certificates of bred birds and in that case (or if the person remembers, but a copy of it would be nice to have) I will get to know exactly how old she is. So band number in combination with the DNA test ill hopefully will get to know two unknown factors. She is also a little talker… This morning as I woke up I said good morning and looked over at her cage and she was sitting by her door greeting me with a “hello” and then as I was at the shop to do the DNA she bent her head forward for a scratch and as my finger got close she said “hi”. I’ve also heard her do the low battery warning of a fire alarm and a car horn and an old school ringtone along with some other beeps and whistles. So I’m guessing she has been living by a busy intersection or something with a daddy who refuses to get a phone with buttons or pay for the batteries to have a wworkig fire alarm . Anyways she seems to like it here and non of the other pays much attention to her And she pays non to them (yes I know I skipped the quarantine and its not the right thing todo but I have exam papers from a reputable vet with bloodwork (why they didn’t do a DNA then I dunno…) so I thought it be worth getting her into the house for her social needs and for me to not have to divide my time between two houses.)Anyways, I hope she will enjoy it here and that I dare to try bring her out in harness together with Polarn by the summer… Just wanna we them get along as good as the rest of em here.

Sounds like fun Good thing she landed with you!! These rehomed parrots are a definite mystery when your trying to figure them out.

Aw, so sweet and cute! 'Glad you two found each other. Watch out for that mating dance.

Will post a picture or two once I am on the forum while on my PC… I tend to check the forum when I am waiting for something etcetera through my phone. Even though in some cases I am in bed simply waiting to fall asleep, like right now… Dunno how smart it is logging on a forum in the middle of the night though

I’m glad the poor thing has found a good home with you.

At the computer now and well coulda taken a new picture with "her" laying upside down in my palm but thought this picture of when she arrived would do just fine

Oh yeah she definitly needs a new cage… but thought she could keep this one while shes settling in since she actually goes in and out of it quite frequently I dont think she really dislikes it… but hey its smaller than any cage I’ve ever owned… so I feel kinda bad about it, but as I said she will get to keep it for a week or two, and hopefully I’ve gotten some additional $$ on my account then and can buy another one of the cage I bought for the Tiel, but its about 600USD… but its decent sized and quality.

Good Morning Polarn Hows she doing? Dont feel bad about the cage it will work out.When I got the Amazon .I thought his cage was smaller than I liked . Had Jennifers cage at home that was huge, that I switched him too.I used the cage he came in for my sunconure which is a VERY big cage for her and everythings great.Names yet?

your little Brown headed sweetie is so beautiful in that photo! and sounds so gentle and friendly. she is lucky to have you as her new owner, and to be part of your flock. i look forward to hearing more about her harness training, and her outings with Polarn!