Bummed out. Losing 50% income after December

No, the birds aren’t in trouble, although we may take this opportunity to seek new jobs in a place that has lower cost of living than LA. The horse, however, may need to get rehomed or at least leased to cover his expenses. I suppose I should be grateful the other 50% of my job is stable for at least a couple of years, but I’ve worked here since 1989 and somehow thought I might squeak through the crunch… but one of my projects got canceled by the Astronomy Decadal Survey recently released and there isn’t anything else to pick me up right now. So I’m looking around locally for the time being. I’m seriously not happy at the moment. And, yeah, I’m basically venting. Anyone need a slightly used Astronomer? I do Science Operations.

Sorry to hear that …and venting is good! I’m somewhat in the same boat…so if you need to vent more, feel free to PM me…I’m the ‘misery loves company’ type…

Sorry to hear entranced … it’s a tough economy right now.Due to a big merger at the pharma company I work for I may not have a job come October … a lot of uncertainty. You’re not the only one in this situation. Maybe some of us can vent together.

Very sorry to hear this. I hope you’ll find something you like and that suits you needs really quick.

Go ahead and vent!!! I am so sorry this has happened to you! I have never met an astronomer! I am just a housecleaner Good luck to you!

I’m sorry to hear that… I’m sure something will come up…

Things are that bad overseas too, huh. I got layed off last may and been without an income for the last 4 months. Luckily I found a job and i can start sept 20th. But 4 months on my bf’s paycheck has put a real dent in our savings. Well, dent, we dont have any savongs anymore. I hope you’ll be able to find a new project to sink your teeth in.

so sorry to here that… my husband lost his job in january. luckily its a pretty good gouverment here in Denmark so his unemployment money is 3/4 of what he made before and he can stay on unemplyment for another two year. but yes, the uncertainty is not fun.hope you find something soon

Venting is good for the soul!!! And sorry you’re having a rough time. Part of the reason I am a SAHM (even though I am glad to have the opportunity) is due to the fact that they were downsizing at the paper distribution group I worked with while I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, and I chose to bow out so that I could stay home with her. But it works out since I now have time at night to work on my books. This economy is…for the birds…I COULDN’T RESIST!

That is the shits! There are a few big telescopes here in Canada…nothing like Chile or Hawaii but cheaper to travel to…and our Canadian sky is much more clear than Los Angeles