Buying new kakariki

hello today i bought a kakariki who is 4month, will he talk?how can i teach him to talk, i should teach him like other parrots or what?

He might learn to talk, not all do though but the potential is there.

Kakariki aren’t known for their talking abilities but then again neither are cockatiels and ours talks A LOT! It won’t be as definied or clear as a parrot like an indian ring neck, african grey or a macaw. However, Kakarikis can sing beautifully. Its all about enriching them through training, playing and talking to them. Eventually they may imitate or pick it up but some don’t, it can take over a year before you hear a single word if at all. It took our previous cockatiel 5 years before he uttered anything like a word so its all a patience thing but accepting the fact that it mgiht not happen and enjoying the bird’s personality. Kakarikis have such wonderful and expressive personalities when you nuture them Good Luck

Meeko, my Kakariki is only 6 months old and he already says “hey baby”. I think he’s starting to say his name but it’s not that clear yet. I’ve had him since he was 14 weeks old and have been saying the phrases over and over. He was only saying it when he was getting ready for sleep but now he says it all the time and sometimes he says it really clear

Just goes to show there can be exceptions. Our eldest cockatiel (1 year) is a really clear talker in cockatiel terms! Kakariki’s are beautiful birds, I’d love to have one but they don’t get on with tiels so we’d need a bigger place