Cage observation

I’ve read that it is better for a parrot to have a large horizontal cage versus a large vertical one. I am looking for a large cage for Disney. He is in a small one currently, large enough for a conure according to information I’ve found, but still small. I did find one at Pet Smart that I will be buying in November that is horizontal. But in looking for the perfect cage I find they are all mostly vertical. I wonder why that is?

The horizontal space is generally a better thing.My cages are actually higher than wider, but my guys do seem to use all the vertical space.The cage I have in mind if I do end up upgrading them to something larger is larger than higher though.

I think its mostly cage companies not being aware. Just like bird toy companies will use formeldahyde leather and zinc instead of nickel plating or stainless steel. Partly to save money, partly just being uninformed/not caring.My cage is 24x24x28 and nice and square and perfect for my senegal. it’s an avian adventures cage, which in general is the best brand i’ve seen.

I have heard it depends on the species how much vertical space is needed… a long-tailed bird may need some of that space just to accommodate perching… an arboreal-foraging bird may need to feel there is “empty space” below… a ground-foraging bird may be more inclined to use the bottom of the cage. Our flock of two is somewhat consistent with those general rules, but that’s VERY small number statistics.

I thought I had decided on a cage but the bar spacing is 3/4 of an inch which I read is o.k. but Disney is one of the smaller conures so I am thinking 1/2 inch spacing might be better. Looking at Avian Adventures cages, the Nina play top cage seems to be similar to what I was going to get, but with the play top instead of the dome top, which is a plus.

Munchy wrote:Looking at Avian Adventures cages, the Nina play top cage seems to be similar to what I was going to get, but with the play top instead of the dome top, which is a plus.That’s the cage I have for Scooter. It is “big enough” but it wouldn’t hurt for him to have one even bigger, I think. He does use primarily the upper 2/3. It is a well-designed cage, no complaints about the construction or features. Except that it doesn’t have a door for a nest box, but you probably don’t want one anyway.The only disadvantage I’ve found to a playtop (aside from it taking up some vertical space) is that it blocks light from above and makes lighting a bit more challenging. However, on the AA cages, you can lift the whole playtop off and use it as a portable playstand, which is very nice.

I never thought about the light issue. Because of the lack of space in my room this will have to be the largest size for right now, which is a Nice step up in size from what he is currently in. Although at some point as things change in our house hold we will have more space and he will have an even bigger cage. The one at Pet Smart would be perfect then except the 3/4 spacing on the bars, which because Disney is so small I think would be to large of a space? IN reading about conures and cage size they do say 3/4 is o.k. It’s just he is such a small conure. Since the AA Nina top comes off it would be nice if they made an alternate top, so you could use which ever one you wanted at the time, dome top or play stand.

Could he get his head wedged in the larger bar space? That’s the main concern, I think, with going too wide.

That’s what I’m thinking. I think I will just go with a Nina, whether dome or play top. There are many online sites that sell them. Is there any site that you know of that can be trusted that is better maybe than the rest? I’ve noticed NexTag is cheapest. If they are all made from the same company then price should not effect quality.

Is there a larger cage than the Nina with 1/2 inch spacing? I can’t seem to find one.