Calculating Ingredient Ratios in Food

So I’ll be making want to use this sprout mix as Jacko’s diet—but its currently out of stock and tbh don’t want to pay the $30 shipping for 1lb.But my brain is a bit asleep: I don’t know how to figure out how much of an ingredient to add to the 1lb mixture to achieve the correct ratio. Seeing as for example there’s more Adzuki beans than almonds so its not just adding a bag of this n a bag of that.So if I wanted to make 1lb as an exact replication of the formula, how would I go about finding out how much of such n such to achieve the same ratio?Anyone more math savvy than me?

Hard to say because it doesn’t tell you the weight of each ingredient. I guess you could e-mail them/the manufacturer and ask for the exact percentages of each type. I see no reason why they won’t give you that information if you explain your bird needs a very precise diet due to health issues and your undecided whether this is the product you need because in theory you could buy one bag and painstakingly diesect it and weigh it for percentages yourself…I’m no good with maths myself but if you can get hold of that info I’m sure someone can help you out with it.