Can Parrots Get The Corona Virus?

Parrots CAN NOT get the COVID-19. When they say that an animal has tested positive, they are not infected, they just have the virus on them. They act more as a surface like a table or doorknob. With that being said, wash those hands guys!! Before AND after so that people that may handle your parrot after you will not get the remnants of the virus on them.

Don’t panic. Start stocking up on your supplies and ensure that you have enough to last your birds just in case you do need to be quarantined. Stock up on cleaning supplies for their cages, food, toys, and treats. If need be and you can not find fresh fruits and veggies, buy canned goods. Make sure you get canned goods that do not have sauces added and be sure to rinse them before serving them to your feathered loved one.

Hope this helps and eases some of anxiety associated with this time!

This was addressed along with a lot of other important information about covid 19 sunday. Facebook the animal behavior center has a 90 min video where lara had a doctor on explaining things. I suggest everyone watch. It gave me a lot of ideas on how to keep your animals safe and what to do to prepare just in case you have to go to the hospital.

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@P3photos this is great info. Thank you for sharing! :slight_smile: :bird:

They are amazing. It talks a lot about how it is spread, how to protect yourself but also a lot of what to do if you get sick and are part of the 20% that does need to go to the hospital. How keeping carry cages, extra leashes for dogs, extra food and other supplies where it wont get affected so if someone has to come in and take your animals to their house they can have a better chance of being safe.

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@P3photos is this the video you were referring to in your first post?

Yep that is it. Long. But such good information

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