Can your parrot WHISTLE? Mine can't!

Never ever, not once has he whistled. Instead he mimics our whistles verbally, like in this video… a wolf-whistle becomes RIT-ROO! He also “whistles” RIT RIT RIT! And RIRRR RIT! And a super loud RITTTTTTT (imitating my husband’s two-fingers-in-mouth sports whistle).

Whistling is much like talking especially when it comes to parrots. Almost all of those who know little or nothing about parrots tend to envisiage parrots as talking and they also see birds as whistling although the truth is that not all parrots talk and not all birds whistle.

I guess the RB is his own parrot!Probably wants to vote Libertarian!

I have a couple of amazons and a sun conure that don’t whistle. One of them, Precie, talks VERY well and has quite a vocabulary but she never whistles while the other one, Zeus, doesn’t talk or whistle at all and only makes soft kissy noises. And then there is poor Sunny which only screeches (but not as loud or as often as most people say sun conures do, she is actually VERY well-behaved that way). The rest all do, even Zoey which doesn’t say a single human word. Mami and Isis actually use a special whistle to communicate with me. They only do it in the evening, after they got and ate their dinner and are getting ready to go to sleep - they do a two tone whistle and I answer it with the same two notes… sometimes we go for quite a long time doing this back and forth (until my husband complains that I am giving him a headache )

Well, I will be telling the Rickeybird he is definitely not alone!And a big Rit-roo goes out to your non-whistlers… and you!

Both my parrots do the famous wolf whistle, and i can only whistle in and make two different sounds and they both can do my whistle. Hubby cant whistle, but I had a friend teach Gaugan the friendy giants whistle and she will still do that whistle sometimes.

If I want to hear a good whistle around here, I have to do it myself!Here’s another verbal whistle… the “Reeo-rit”. Just click.

Funny video…lol…

THANKS!!!He tries so hard!

I think he does just fine