Cassowary kills owner

People and their unquenchable thirst for exotic animals… Why would anybody in his right mind keep dangerous animals?! We have rheas back home (we call them Ñandus) and, although they are not anywhere as dangerous as the cassowaries, we know to stay away from them. Their legs are incredibly long and strong and they use them to attack as well as their large beaks. These birds are taller than people! … fa1fe041ce

The man didn’t have a permit for them (the permit requires experience which this man -obviously- did not have) because breeders are exempt from it. The stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! I mean, you would think that if anybody needs experience and knowledge would be a breeder, right? … ar-BBVYSis

More on the same subject. This one is about how zookeepers stay safe when dealing with cassowaries. Mind you, if you ask me, this death is on PIJAC! They are the ones that are always lobbying not to change any animal laws when dangerous animals like this one should be banned from private ownership. … irds-52283

Seigfield and Roy had to have tigers. My sister tried to save a dog that didn’t even have any wolf in him, but he had been raised with wolves. That poor dog could not be trained not to bite people (and my sister is excellent with dogs. She has taken other “hopeless cases” and turned them into friendly dogs). The dog bit me a few times. Bit her boyfriend all the time, but the third time he bit people outside the household, she had to put him down. It wasn’t t the dogs fault. He had been raised with wild animals.

I knew of a guy who had rattlesnakes, and a cobra. As far as I know he’s still alive, but I don’t know for sure.

And now they are looking to auction the killer bird off - along with another 100 exotic animals the man kept in his property. People have this hunger for the exotic, even if it kills them and they just do NOT learn from their mistakes, do they? … orida.html

i just read this today and honestly it really shocked me because this bird is really dangerous but they still want to sell it.

Well, these birds are very expensive and people who keep exotic species are NEVER animal lovers so, to them, it makes perfect sense to make some money out of the tragedy. I had not read your posting on the poor dog raised with wolves, John. How sad! I bet your sister was devastated by her decision to put him down. Not that I blame her, I am just saying that, if it had been me, it would have been a terrible decision to make…