Changing a parrot's name...again

Man I should never be the one to name new pets…from the start everyone said I should call the bird “Mickey”, because we’ve had several budgies in the past all named Mickey, and just sorta tradition…but no no, I wanted to be original. So I chose Dino, then wanted something African, so went with Akilah. But no one seems to like it and I’m fed up with having to explain the meaning, where I got it, oh and of course…“Tequila? But you don’t like tequila…” Ugh. I’ve been starting to call her Mickey more and more, or “Mikilah” to try and help with the transition…but I think I’m really the only one who needs help. Changing her name for the third time won’t confuse the hell outta her will it?

if she does not know her name yet then it should be ok. i like dino

I’m hopeless at names too!Missy had about 5 different names in her first week or so with us…Holly, Bonnie, Baby, and a few different South American/Brazilian sounding names,…she’s my bird (the kids have their own budgies) but neither of the kids liked the names i chose…so we ended up with Missy…a bit lame, but it definitely suits her! She’s such a little miss! I wouldnt worry too much if she’s not responding to her name yet… but if she turns to look at you when you say her current name it might be less confusing for her to keep it as it is.Good luck

yeahhh we’re keeping it as Akilah, she responds to it and I say it automatically now, too hard to change…nevermind!! I think what is more likely…is that someday there will be another budgie named Mickey

Personally, I like the name Akilah. It’s original.

Original is best I agree! I also sometimes have second thoughts about the name Lorenzo as its more human then bird. . At least I didnt name him Polly . Its maybe not the smoothest name for recall but he definitely looks like a little lorenzo to me now and its stuck.haha tequila…I named my sisters african grey that, I think its a great name for a parrot. Theres no rule to say you cant have as many nicknames for your parrot as you like, so just use all the other names you wanted like Micky as nicknames. Lorenzos nickname is "quacky" We always used African names for our dogs (this when I still lived in africa so it was easy to find cool names) but Akilah is very unique and sounds senegali.