Christmas cards and birds

So what do you do with yours? We tend to hang ours over some string now even though it means alot of them end up the wrong way round. It doesnt stop the birds flight from knocking the odd one or two off though but it works better than just lining them up on a windowsill or something where they all get knocked over by the breeze created by beating wings several times a day. Tbh if it was just me I probably wouldn’t bother putting them up at all, dont even have the Christmas tree up yet cuz I’m worried its going to stop Harlie from wanting to come out of her cage again.

Now that Im not clipping [things are interesting]. They keep landing in the tree.It hasnt made it on the floor yet LOL

marie83 wrote:So what do you do with yours?Mine are on the cards

Tiki isn’t on our cards per se, but her photo is placed on the family Christmas note that’s going out.

Lol what you all like Well mine aren’t on the cards as yet, maybe next year Terrie, I’m quite lucky, Ollies not bothered about using the tree as a giant toy (at least he hasn’t been on previous years) but he does get annoyed about it being in his way lol. I’m just wondering how bunny is going to react, he hates anything being in his rat runs and tries to pick stuff up and toss it out the way or dig it out the way

my family’s always had the tradition of taping the cards to the wall behind the tree, as a kind of background, so I’ve always done the same thing in my house too. but the picture that you paint of little wings flapping about creating a breeze and knocking cards down actually sounds kind of adorable if you ask me!

Haha, it is until your picking them up for the 20th time

Risked putting the tree up today and thankfully Harlie couldnt care less about it. Ollie on the other hand wanted to help and did his best to get in the way lol. Bunny on the other hand is now using it to hide underneath so not sure where the presents are going to go, lol.

I used to have rabbits growing up .What kind is yours?

Some sort of lop, I think and was told a dwarf, only he seems a little big…but then he isn’t big enough to be another type so possibly a cross. Not too sure. I’m still not even 100% he is staying with us much longer as technically he isn’t mine. Its such a shame cuz we adore him and he is spoiled rotton here. He is more like a dog x cat though than rabbit, he follows you about like a dog, comes when he is called and rubs his head in your hand like a cat, he also jumps up and uses your legs like a scratching post for cats lmao.