City dwelling cockatoos … tomj4.html

They are so beautiful. I would love to have them hang out on my balcony, I hope they do not get so bad that people will start being mean to them.

That is the shame when animals and birds live away from their natural enviroment.When I was a child we only ever saw seagulls at the seaside and everyone liked them.Now there are more inland than at the sea and they often inhabit waste dumps and are a pest.

Yes, it is a shame but we keep on encroaching on their habitat so they have no choice, the poor things!

Wow, I couldn’t even imagine a whole flock of lumie’s and Nigel’s descending upon my house. Its sad that we are butting every creature out of there habitat. I can understand this particular species being great scavengers and adapting to urban life as my lumie is a great dive and grab artist if you have something she wants. Faster than grease lightning , and will grab food on the fly right out of your hand or as your putting it into your mouth. And she’s always into everything . My little angel.

Aren’t they wonderful ? I would love them in my garden. Love the one opening the window

They have the ability to smell things from a distance. Rainbow knows when I bring broccoli home and starts begging when I come in the door. She really likes the broccoli from my Hunan Chicken. I don’t like it so I bring it home to her. I know the Hunan is not good for her and rinse off as much as I can. There is no way to tell her she cannot have it. She will steal if she has too.