CL Making Me Sad hate to be a downer but I feel like I need to share this tragic posting for a little moral support :confused: Don’t mind me while I go cry and pray someone awesome can afford to get these guys and house them. Really they only have a chain to stand on? These people are asking for rims or gold to trade?!

Its stuff like this that makes me an animal person rather than a people person…

I bet you those are stolen birds cause they’re willing to trade for anything and they’re in a dog crate. Please DO NOT sponsor these kinds of thieves by buying.

I sent a response for them to cut a tree branch if nothing else for them to stand on and other nastier things.Everyone should do the same.Where are these birds? Animal control needs to be called to identify if they have been stolen. Humane Society needs called. Where are they?

Gilroy, CA. Since they are not obviously in distress I am skeptical what the authorities can do. In addition, they would probably disappear before anyone could assist. Bureaucracy tends to take months to years even with a severe case of abuse.I also did a quick search for stolen macaws in the area and didn’t pull anything up. Judging on the lingo these may even have been wild caught or stolen from Mexico. Not sure how they got them across the border but they probably aren’t local thefts. It is even possible that they got them in a trade or gamble and didn’t actually know what to do with them. This appears to be the nearest SPCA.I sent an email regarding a better perch and a helpful website regarding feeding and care and reminded them they are intelligent creatures. If people would like to email PLEASE keep it friendly or they will just cuss you out and ignore your advice.