Clean up your mess

Well really it is our mess, but if we start up by making sure atleast we do not leave anything behind there is a start.Now before I continue this I want to make sure you do know the video linked made me shed a tear, it does feature suffering birds, and even dead ones. And if Michael feels it is too strong I wouldnt blame him for removing it or if someone takes big offence to posting it feel free and let me know and I will remove it.However, this film is actually quite beutifully done (considering the topic at hand). I think this photographer has probably made one of the strongest videos for enviormental awareness and with respect of the diseased birds. But before clicking the link beware than I am not a huge crybaby but I did shed a tear to this because I think it is absolutely horrible to think about the amount of trash these birds has eaten, and how much there is out that they havn’t eaten…

We are the most destructive species on Earth.

Yeah absolutely, no doubt about it. However there are tons of ways to enlighten people about what’s going on, and some are better than others. Usually I do not like the videos that go around to enlighten people, mostly because there is usually tons of stuff that they claim is all wrong, for example a lot of me tend to think that no matter what you do the preserve wildlife and the environment that is not enough unless your at the point where you would consider yourself to be rightly convicted for “manslaughter” if you we’re to even accidentally step on a spider. Now, this clip has basically no other message than to clean up your mess and it wasn’t full of a VoiceOver telling you so, but it shows you the effect it has, and nothing except that. Sure my eyes did tear up a bit but a video like this may open somebody’s eyes and well it’s the Internet, things are share around and random people does see it so, hopefull it decreases the pollution and littering from at least a few.

Watching the video reminds me that I’ve heard the little bits of plastic floating on the ocean that are eaten by seabirds and marine life are called “mermaids’ tears”. You can see why.

I cried. It breaks my heart. I want to save those birds. Humans really are a poison on Earth. We need global action, now. "Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature."

This is horrible, and just one of many examples of how we are destroying our planet.

I can’t bring myself to watch it at the moment. I will at some point though when I’m in a better frame of mind.