Cockatiel neurological impairment?

I have a 4 month old cockatiel, Bliss. we wanted him to be fully flighted, but she/he can only fly backwards. :confused: Bliss also seems very dis-coordinated. when stepping up, he/she half of the time misses my finger! and always falls off things, and flys backwards down and hits the floor or whatever is there. does anyone know what this is, or have the same sort of thing with their bird?

At 4 months Bliss is still a baby. Were his/her wings clipped when you got him/her? A bad clip could account for erratic flight. Missing a finger on step up is more troubling. It could still be a baby thing, but I’d take Bliss to an avian vet to see what they thought.

I have never personally seen anything similar to what you are describing, but I would recommend taking him in to see the bird doctor. There are in addition to possible neurological issues, diseases that can cause a variety of symptoms such as impaired motor function, and loss of balance and/ or co-ordination.

i would, but my family ALWAYS hesitate before taking ANYTHING to the vet, even a dying bunny :/i’ll try to get them to allow it. anyway, no hes never been clipped.

Yes, I would most definitely ask them for their help in this matter and then I would try to start making some money of my own and set it aside for my birds medical expenses.

good news, i got my family to agree to take bliss to the vet!

It’s definitely a neurological problem but what is causing is the question and the AV should be able to pinpoint a few possibilities. Good news that you are taking him to the vet, let us know what he says.

Yay !!! Good for you, we will be waiting to find out what is causing this problem.

calling vet today, to set a date!