Cockatiel not interested in toys

Apple doesn’t show much interest in toys, and if the foraging takes too much effort, he gives up.Slowly over time, his interest for playing declined now to a point where he just sits on his wooden perches and chew off bark. I feel that he is bored because I know he screams during the day, but he seems lazy to keep himself occupied. Is there any way I could reduce his screaming during the day and keep him more entertained?To me it just seems he is too lazy. Music/tv doesn’t have much effect either.

I had the same problem with Einstein for the first few months. I was really concerned, because the budgies took to toys right away.Give him a variety of toys. Change them around the cage every week. You could even start playing with them in front of him. Get him psyched up about them.This is what I did with my cockatiel, and now he plays with his toys and rarely screams during the day.

Are you sure he is healthy? Is he eating a good balanced diet and maintaining his weight? If so, I agree, keep rotating toys and trying new things. And don’t respond to the screaming – go ahead and say “Hi” or whatever in response to reasonable contact calling, but don’t reward the screaming with attention. Could the foraging opportunities be too hard to start out with? Start with something really easy and make it more challenging as time passes. The first time I put a cardboard foraging box out for Scooter he wouldn’t bother. The second time, he got really into it, put I’d done some much easier things in between, like just putting some seed mix in a cup with foraging confetti and hanging it in a strange place.

I’m trying various things to keep him interested, last night I moved around the decor and weaved some millet through a toy that he seemed to be interested in. Funny thing is, when I’m home he is perfectly content to whistle and sit around while still not being particularly active… but it’s when I’m not home that’s the problem. I’ll keep trying…

Maybe he is playing with the stuff when youre not at home. Kika, my senegal, doest really play at all with his toys when we are home. He is much more interested in whatever we are doing (even when he is confined to his cage). But from the chewmarks on the toys and the broken pieces on the floor, I know he plays with them when I’m not watching. And well, some birds are just not that interested in toys.

The only toys my cockatiel every plays with are the chewies–the ones with raffia and easy to tear off bits. She also has a tendency to like parakeet toys more than cockatiel size ones–she likes the mirrors and little bells. Twink isn’t destructive to them at all (except the paper) and I think she actually TRIES to keep them looking nice…she also doesn’t scream, but will sit on her perch all day long and just wants out to fly around. Maybe try more of the chewy kind? To each bird his own habits, I guess. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thank you for the lovely replies

Missy’s favourite play-thing is an empty tissue box! I cut a couple of holes in the sides, large enough for her to climb in and out of, and then fill the box with shredded paper, balls with bells, foot toys, and a few of her favourite seeds and nuts. She loves to pull out the paper and forrage around for her favourite treats, and toss the toys and paper everywhere. I refill it every day and it keeps her busy for ages

I find Stryder (our ) really enjoys a variety of toys - it just depends on his mood.I can really tell he enjoys a newly created toy when he talks to it as soon as I put it in the cage He did this a few days ago when we received a special gift package (belated Santa present), and I put this new toy with finger poppers and beads above his door perch. I could barely get the toy placed, and he was already gabbing away to it. It’s always super cute when he does this!He REALLY loves preening, so I ensure to incorporate a variety of preening materials into each of his toys (sisal, seagrass cord, small bits of raffia) - it seems to keep him happy.Also toys with bells and fancy bead rings - get him chirping and excited!It just takes a bit of tweaking in order to determine exactly what your little one will play with, and what he’ll ignore - start with a variety, and the process of elimination (and nomination) will help you with this. I do recommend rotating (changing locations and toys) at least once a week - like us, no one likes wearing the same uniform or outfit everyday - variety is best!This should help alleviate some of his boredom, and in turn, his screaming.Good luck, and keep us updated!

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