Concerned for the health of these birds! Help!

There is a bird supply shop near my home that takes in unwanted parrots and re-sells them. I think the idea of this is great, however, I am concerned for the birds currently living there. They recently moved to a smaller location because rent was too expensive at their previous one, but now there is not enough room for the birds to live comfortably. There are cages stacked on top of each other, and many birds are kept in cages right next to other birds that they fear or dislike and as a result they are constantly lunging at each other. My main concern, though, is that I don’t think the owner of the store wants to even sell these birds, and they are becoming very stressed and lonely. The rehomed birds are grossly over-priced. There is a nippy black-capped conure as well as a 15 year old cherry-headed conure who is not tamed, and the price for each of these birds is over $550! You can get a hand fed baby for half that price. And the nearly naked blue and gold macaw with fear/aggression issues that I have discussed in other posts is going to be priced at $1200. Again, this is the price of a baby from a half-decent breeder. Someone with $1200 to spend on a bird is likely going to want one who is a baby or a good-tempered adult who is at least is fully feathered.The over pricing and cramped space is bad enough, but what really upset me was when a man who was clearly chosen by this african grey asked to buy her and take her home, he was refused!! This bird bites nearly everyone, but when this man comes into the store, she is putty in his hands. You can tell that there was an immediate bond. And he comes into the store often, it wasn’t like he asked to buy her right away. The reason that the bird wasn’t allowed to be sold to this man is because this african grey is a great talker/singer and brings in customers! She is beginning to pluck out her chest feathers and is clearly lonely and bored. So what, they’ll end up with a bald parrot that talks; they already have one of those there. It’s just frustrating! The owner of the store also has a few birds that he owns who reside at the store. One is there because he bites the rest of the family, and the other (a blue and gold) is there because he is too loud to have in the house. …Then sell them, or better, spend the time to train them. The employees do there best to spend time with the birds, but unfortunately, they are getting paid do do other things, and are unable to work with the birds individually. it’s not fair to these birds.Anyway, I apologize for rambling, but this is frustrating to see. Any suggestions on what can be done about this. Should I call the SPCA? Can they do anything about it?P.S. I live in Canada.Thanks!

Thats not good at all! It sounds to me like the owner is not willing to part with them. I adopted a senegal, and there was an adoption fee, which is fine by me it helps keep rescues open, but it was 100$. There are birds that are quite costly to rescue because of the health problems that need to be addressed. It might be worth looking into why the cost of these birds is so high? Is it because of vet bills, or is the owner just trying to make a profit on the birds? If profit is not in this persons mind they may be unaware of others in the area who can help take in the birds, and you can offer to put them in touch with other parrot owners who could foster the birds until good homes are found. If the owner is not willing to consider giving up some of the birds the only option left at that point is to get the local SPCA involved. They have the authority to evaluate and remove birds from this situation if they feel its not up to snuff. If you are concerned about the SPCA not being a "no kill" shelter, often rescues will take birds that the SPCA cannot keep them any longer when they learn of the problem. When you contact the SPCA, also let parrot rescues and parrot clubs in the area know about the problem. They may also be able to put some pressure on this person to take better care of the birds if the SPCA does not act on the problem.OH, I am also in Canada, I live in Ottawa for the time being, depending on where you are located I may be able to put you in touch with those who can help. PM me if you are not comfortable posting your location on here.

Please keep us updated on this sad situation. I wish the best of lick to the birds.