Coping with the loss

Dear Parrot lover, birds lovers and friend:I would like to know if any of your beloved bugies have passed away and how do you cope with the loss?Two weeks ago I was invited to my friends house, I was so proud of my baby that I decided to bring her with me in her cage. It was a 2 hours trip. My beloved parakeet whose name is “Novi” got dizzy. When I arrived to my friends house I introduce Novi to my friend’s family. She inmediately flew to the top of my cage.As Novi was bright and strong, I decide to leave her on the top of her cage. I was climbing the stair of the house to go to the second floor when I encounterd on it. I almost felt and almost drop the cage. I got scared and the tragedy happen. Novi was on the floor with blood. I grabbed a taxi and looked for a veterinary.Two of them were closed and when I finally reach to one, there was nothing more I could do. She was dead and my heart was broken. I cant recover from her death. I’m depressed and I can’t not stop crying. I can’t forget the incident.She is, she was and she will always be my baby. Many friends have told me to just get a new one, but Novi was not an object I can replace. I used to sing, play, run, jumped and she loved to be in my head playing with my hair. Everybody loved her, she was hand tamed. I buried her underneath a plant I bought for her and she is in my room. I have bought her more toys and plush toy, but there is nothing I can do to get rid of the guilty of her death because she was my responsability. I was her Mom. Somehow I think you guys might be able to understand my pain because you love budgies as much as I do.I’m lost and I’m clueless about how to keep on with my life. I miss her so much

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I am very sorry for your loss and, in truth, I don’t know of anything that I can say to you to make you feel better. Personally, although I feel their loss intensely when they pass, I have so many animals under my care that I simply cannot dwell on it for long periods of time and I think that this, more than anything else, is what helps me. How about volunteering at a bird rescue? They always need help and it might take your mind off things…

I am with Pajarita with this, although I don’t have as many animals as she does, I have too many other animals depending on me to allow myself the luxery of dwelling on it when one dies.

You will never actually get over it. You will replay it over and over in your mind until you have a distraction. No other will ever replace it. I agree that volunteering at a bird rescue will help. It will distract your thoughts for the time you are there and will enrich the birdies you care for. Even though no other will replace it you may find a bird who wants you. Don’t let your love go to waste when there are so many that have never felt love.