Crepe Myrtles Safe or Not For Parrots?

My sweet cockatiel Baby seems to love crepe myrtle branches. Are they safe for her or do I need to not let her chew on them. Here is a picture of her and she seems pretty happy. I spoke to a few people and they mentioned that it should not be a problem but I want to get some more opinions. Thanks!

Some say it is safe, others say it is not. This page says crepe myrtle is okay depending on the type:

Bird; Birds: Safe, Toxic Trees, Woods. Safe Tree Wood. Parrots. Parrot cages.

I would research it heavily before making a decision though.


thank you so much for the reply! I will check that out :slight_smile:

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crape myrtle trees and shrubs come in different variations, it’s difficult to pinpoint what is best for them. No matter what the situation might call for, never give your parrot something that can potentially injure them.

Part of the reason any particular wood or leaves are harmful to a parrot has to do with parrots’ love for branches. No matter the occasion, parrots enjoy chewing and playing with branches like they’re toys. It is important to monitor them while introducing a branch to their environment.