Cross Breeding?

Not sure if this is a foolish question or not. However, we currently own a female Yellow Crowned Amazon, and were considering purchasing a male Eclectus further down the line. Is there any way that these two species would mate?

I personally have no idea what a foolish question is. But I would not think that these two species would mate. Most people think of parrots as being all one species with many breeds, like they have with dogs, cats, horses, etc., Breeding one species of parrot with another species is more like trying to breed a dog and a cat together as that is species to species. So it is highly unlikely to be able to get them to mate and even if they did it is also unlikely to produce offspring.

Excellent, thanks so much Wolf =]

Well, actually, there are many, many successful hybridization matings in parrots and many different hybrids of two species that we would not even consider compatible enough but, apparently, they are. But not amazons and eclectus, they come from different parts of the world so the common ancestor (if they even had one) goes back too many thousands of years to be genetically compatible.