Cruelty found in hundreds of zoos and aquariums

Well, this is no surprise to me as I have known this ever since I worked in a zoo! Terrible places for animals… I took my grandson to the NYC Aquarium in Coney Island because he is fascinated by marine life and they were offering private tours called Wildnerness Encounter: Sharks (he knows A LOT about sharks!) and everything looks good but, personally, I found the ‘bubble’ aquariums too crowded and the place where they keep the zebra sharks was not much bigger than a bath tub! Why? So people can touch them! … li=BBnb4R7

Another ‘black mark’ for zoos: … te-uproar/

Bronx Zoo is being sued for animal cruelty (elephant mistreatment) by In Defense of Animals: … treatment/

Owner of Va. roadside zoo and nephew indicted for animal cruelty. … dside-zoo/