Dearest Greybird

(I figured I’d share this, I hope some of you can relate)Jacko, Forgive me my mistakes and the wrongs I have committed, I am young and stupid and full of dreams that frustrate me when they slip through my fingers. Continue to teach me to be patient and to be still and steady like water in a pond, furthermore to study my reflection. I am sorry that you become the vessel of all my ideals, and I often love you for the bird I want you to be and the hope of perfection and self-fulfillment that it will give me if you become this bird, I sadly forget to love and respect you for who you are. You are not responsible for my happiness. You are not the guardian of my self-worth, everything in life would not be ‘perfect if only you would…’ thank you for teaching me to start to see my own delusions. I hope one day you and I can be free of our own fears and one day I would love to be able to look into your eyes and read your soul and for us to be one in perfect love and trust. I would love to see you soar the skies, no longer chained by the broken spirit you carry with you, the long years of neglect and sorrow. I hope one day to be able to make up for the fact that you weren’t abundance weaned, that you were broken instead of empowered, and that they robbed you of your wings. I hope one day to teach you to want to love humanity again, instead of offering your head for scritches because it is the only way you know to keep people from touching you, the only defense you have. I hope one day my old friend that you and I are no longer afraid of life and when I offer you my hand that neither of us is nervous and feeding off the other. That neither of us is scared all the time. One day I want you to be free. No cages, no harnesses, no carriers, free. I want to know and love and trust you, to trust that you will come back to me from the trees when its time to go home. I want to see you soar through the air and careen through the branches, hang upside down from one toe on your playgym net and scream in joy instead of quietly, sadly sitting still in one spot for hours. I want to show you you have been my saviour, my greatest teacher and often my only friend and that your dependence on me has been better than any crisis line operator, any contract or counselor----you and you alone have shown me that there is still a dawn after the darkest hours. You have taught me the true meaning of love and allowed me to begin to grow and heal as a person. You continue to teach me to persevere and stay, not to run away or tear it all down and start anew whenever it isn’t exactly what i wanted or hoped for, or when things aren’t easy—because this is the only way to grow, and it is the only meaning of love. To endure. For now, I will revel in the joy of you eating the peanut butter oatmeal mush while I hold the spoon, I will laugh when you stick your tongue in the bottle of water to take a drink from it just like a person would and my heart will dance when I doze off and awake to find you standing on the edge of the bed after you flew over to be near me. For now, I will swell with pride when you have the courage and happiness and joy to whistle and bob your head. I will be the proudest teacher when you come waddling back to me when I call or drop the pen cap in my hand after I threw it for you. I will feel greater honour than anyone when you fly across the room to land on my shoulder to be with me and ask for a head scratch, I will feel more love than any parent when you fall asleep on my shoulder and preen my hair after we have a shower. I will laugh and beam harder than anyone when you decide to take a bath and do the crazy wet bird dance and flap your wings and zoom around the cage and dive into the water dish. I will cherish these moments knowing that however rare, they are hope for the future. One day you’ll speak in context, one day you’ll be able to free-fly with me in the forests, deserts and plains, or parks and backyards…wherever fate takes us. One day you’ll trust me to touch you anywhere, one day you’ll be motivated to train, one day you’ll be reinforced by my attention instead of just wanting treats, one day you’ll be…one day…but we’ll get there whenever it is we’re supposed to get there. If at all. If it so happens that we never get there, and this life ends for both of us when we are old and have seen all there is to see-----I’ll see you on the other side and never regret a moment of the life we shared. Besides, I hear that the other side is paradise, and we’ll have all we could ever have hoped for anyway—so you and I will take a free-flight in those clouds, ok? I love you crazy turkeybird, here’s a walnut

that was great thanx for sharing.