Delilah update!

Thanks everyone for the great advice and much needed help I asked for! Delilah and I are finally on the same page she’s been eating fruits and veggies no seeds and is the happiest brid I’ve come to enjoy her company and love her unconditionally. She’s upgraded to a very large cage with TONS of space to fly and perch wherever she may please. She still has a little trouble with my boyfriend but they work it out over blueberries (her favorite) she does still squawk when unwanted guest show up but she’s caught on to when the dogs bark she barks. I was told sun conures don’t have a wide vocabulary but Delilah has learned so many! She says good morning, good night, thank you, I hate you ( to my german shepherd) and good boy (to my littlest dog) it’s amazing what having a beautiful bird can do for you. I often think about getting her a sibling so she won’t be so lonely while I’m at work or gone to town or something in that nature. Is that a good idea? Or should I leave it just her. With thanks Kala (:

Company is always good for a flock bird but sometimes it backfires and then there’s double the trouble and twice the mess. I’m not sure about your particular species but with the larger birds it is totally up to them who they want to hang around with and things change over time and they make new friends with different species. My female LSC IS BESTIES WITH MY OUAKER , MY MALE LSC LOVES ONE OF MY MOLLUCANS AND MY OTHER MOLLUCAN HAS A NEW CHAMPION ,A BARE EYE COCKATOO NAMED BUDDY. THOSE TWO ARE DOUBLE TROUBLE TOGETHER . GOOD TO HERE FROM YOU GLAD ALL IS WELL. ILL SHOOT YOU A VIDEO OF THE GREWSOME TWOSOME TODAY MAKING A HUGE MESS TOGETHER. BW

Awesome I’d love it! Lol I’m 50/50 on the new partner idea lol

Did you get the video? I forgot to mention that sometimes when you get your bird a buddy then they decide they like the bird buddy better than you and there goes your cuddle bug! BW

There are also times when the new one learns from your older one that cuddles are good.It sounds like she bonded with the dogs. She is not really alone. My Amazons have their favorite dogs. Rainbow talks to Riddick as if he cares. Myrtle claims Jasmine and even wants to pet her. She had also bonded to my Squeekie cat. I do miss that kitty.

Thank you so much, Kala, for the update! We love to hear how ‘our’ birds are doing and love it even more when we hear that they are doing great and eating fresh food!The getting of a companion for a single bird is one of those subjects that creates a bit of a debate because it is true that some birds don’t bond with other birds so people end up with two birds that need attention instead of just one. Personally, I like my birds to have companions of their own. I have a number of birds so it’s not as if any of them are ‘only’ birds but I try to emulate their life in the wild as much as I can and that implies their having a mate or, at the very least, a close companion of their own. What I have found is that some species bond easier than others. I never had trouble with the little ones though… budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, GCCs, plets, etc seem to bond real easy while larger species are harder -with the exception of amazons, in my own experience. But even the ones that appear not to want to bond, if you wait long enough, they end up bonding, too. I now have an 11 year old female sun conure that is on her own and I would love to get her a mate but, unfortunately, she suffers from hemochromatosis and requires a special diet and special vitamin/mineral supplement so I don’t know how it would work out if she was living with a normal, healthy male (because they would have to share their food). But, if I see a male jenday, sunday or sun conure that needs a home in CL, I will, most likely, risk it because I think that the enrichment that having a companion brings to their quality of life is worth the wait and even the potential extra work if they don’t bond.

I keep brining myself looking at birds whom need homes on all types of cites, but then I say to myself Kala you much rather want a baby bird to start off with for Delilah. I’ve started her on some ZuPreem Veggie Blend pellets and Nut flavored peltlets as well. I was wondering if I should just got back to the fresh food daily thing or let her have this for awhile.

Actually, a baby bird does nothing for an adult and it’s always better to pair a baby with a baby and an adult with an adult. In my personal experience, even when birds don’t bond to each other, the mere presence of another parrot brings enrichment to their lives. It gives them a live being to look at, to share things with, to listen to, etc. Being all alone is one of the worst things for pet parrots because Nature never meant for them to be alone - she never even meant them to be with just one other bird, either, but one is better than none, right? And I have found that even when birds don’t like each other at the beginning, they do, eventually, accept each other as flock mates. I have a female Senegal that would not budge from my shoulder for a couple of years and would fight with the male Senegal and the female redbelly that lived in the same room as she did but she is now friends with both of them, as well as the sun conure and the male redbelly that came after. The sun conure prefers to stay on my shoulder (this will change, too) but the others chill and fly together all the time now, the male and female senegals are now sharing a large cage and, although the male redbelly was kind of courting the female Senegal before, I still have hopes he will turn his attention to the female redbelly… but, even if he doesn’t, the fact that they have each other to interact with is good enough for me.

I always have fresh food daily available to my fids and I make my own mix of tops , Harrison’s ,seed and nut mixture to give daily. Better quit looking at other rescues or you will end up like a lot of us. BW

Looking for a harness for Delilah. Can anyone post a link or something to help me out. Lol