Disgusting people!

I hate it when people come here to post porn links but, once my disgust ebbs, I really feel sorry for them! I mean, can you imagine what terrible parents these people had growing up for them to be willing to do such a disgusting thing?!

I try to delete it quickly but it comes at all hours of the day. Wolf was a big help with that.

And more of them today…

I have been using the exclamation point to report them.

liz wrote:I have been using the exclamation point to report them.Thanks for reporting, that helps me find and delete them more quickly. By the way if the same spammer makes multiple posts, it’s only necessary to report them once. I go straight to the report and delete them along with all their posts in one shot and never even see the additional reports.

Ahhhh, that’s good to know because, usually, they post one in each forum…

That is good to know. I use a lot of time reporting them all.