Do birds dream?

Do they have REM sleep as mammals do?

I do know that Jessie talks/mutters in his sleep sometimes.But I really don’t know if they go into REM sleep or have dreams.

Scotty drools, but that’s a whole 'nother thing. I guess it would explain night frights.

SCOTTY DROOLS?! Bahahaha awesome!!!Archimedes does a quiet little chittering when he’s asleep. Galileo doesn’t do much, but she complains if anyone is being too loud while she is trying to sleep. If anyone wakes her up in the middle of the night she gets PISSED.

I’d like to believe that all animals dream. Specifically those who are capable of higher thought, like certain types of monkeys, elephants, dolphins (even though they only half sleep), and birds.

Birds do dream. From what I’ve read it mostly appears that they dream about their vocalizations and practice them in their sleep. I bet Kili dreams about food and doing tricks cause after learning a new trick and a good nights sleep, she’ll perform much better.

Rupert talks in his sleep a lot. It’s ridiculously cute. Pippin has made some growling sounds once or twice… I always imagine he’s dreaming about protecting his nest or food or something. How does Scooter drool? They hardly have any saliva. I bet it’s pretty funny though.

It’s Scotty that drools, and I had read somewhere that Capes tend to sometimes. I don’t know the mechanism, his mouth does seem somewhat more moist than Scooter’s, but nothing like a mammals! Does Truman drool?Has there been research done on bird sleep? I wonder how similar it is to mammal sleep.Jean Pattison on drooling Capes:

Sorry! I totally meant Scotty… don’t know why I wrote Scooter.

haha, the eagle owl at work drools when she thinks she’s going to be fed…