Do extremely loud birds annoy you?

I was thinking, and I decided I actually enjoy the sound of a sun conure’s scream. It makes my whole body vibrate, but it makes me feel like I’m in the middle of an exotic rainforest. Though I’m sure this perspective would change entirely if I had to hear that constantly.

for me it doesn’t necessarily depend on loudness as the pitch/specific sound of certain species. For instance I don’t mind the peircing shriek of conures at all but my dad cannot be in the same room with it it hurts his ears so badly. Large macaws, I admit, produce noise that isn’t very pleasant to me at all. The amazon at work has started mimicking the macaws calls and both of them going off is funny but earsplitting (and I actually liked the amazon’s natural voice, though pretty loud it wasn’t annoying). So for the most part loud birds don’t annoy me- its the sound of some birds’ screams that gets to me, with others I’m just fine

The volume would make me nervous about disturbing my neighbors, but I don’t think I’d find any call particularly annoying unless it was being repeated too often, all day long. Sometimes one of our birds will get a wild hair and try to get a reaction that way, and it can get wearing while waiting them out. Neither one is a particularly loud species, so I can imagine if those sounds were louder and harsher it would be that much more irritating.

I’m a fruitloop. I not only enjoy it, it seems to put me into a relaxed hypnotic trance. I enjoy going into the area I have my six pairs of suns and jendays and listening to them scream at me from all sides. M2s and large macaws screaming in my face don’t bother me either (my ears do ring afterwards, tho).Oddly - I don’t like the tonal quality of eclectus. So far the eclectus are the only birds whose noise grates on my nerves. Luckily they vocalize very infrequently.

I am definitely NOT a loud bird person. I grew up with a Hahn’s that is still my mother’s and WOW, I cannot take that macaw scream.

I wouldn’t say extremely loud birds annoy me, I’d just rather enjoy them somewhere other than my house. Although for me it’s more a question of how often the bird is loud, rather than volume. IF I had the right accomadations, I’d rather have a bird that’s very loud for a short time each day, rather than one that was moderately loud pretty much all day. It’s too bad because I love sun conures! Well, maybe I’ll go deaf one day from working in a loud factory…

It would only bother me if I had neighbours attached to my home (we’re in a detached, so that’s a-ok) and it’s non-stop - more for the sake of others.We just get the normal morning/early evening screaming, and most of it’s just the birds literally yelling sentences out to get their point across Or if I bring one bird onto another level of the house and leave him alone, I get some screaming as if he’s saying, "Hey, bring me with you! Don’t leave me alone!"But I’ve had these three in an apartment before, and there were never any issues. Yay!

My 9 yo B&G macaw screams mostly for attention when he can see me in another room, when I leave the house, sometimes when the phone rings. Never a screamer while young, until I had him boarded. I think he picked up a few bad habits (normal for him though) from a couple of toos that were there also. Yes, they are annoying and they are very loud. When I am home alone I don’t mind as much. I can hear him when I am outside and he is in the closed-up house. It does’nt annoy me when he screams when he sees another critter or person in the yard, that’s just what they do.pirategene and tambo

greymatter wrote:It would only bother me if I had neighbours attached to my home (we’re in a detached, so that’s a-ok) I wouldn’t count on a single-family dwelling being sufficient to not bother neighbors unless its on acreage. There is a bird several streets away we can sometimes hear when our windows are open. We think it is a cockatoo. It’s voice is carrying a half mile or so.

Doesn’t bother me. I love the sounds that birds make. However, for the time being, I’m only going to have quiet birds. I never know where I am going to end up. If I buy a loud bird, I might need to re-home because of my future living arrangements. I’ll only buy a louder bird if I have a house where I know noise isn’t going to bother other people.