Do-gooders mess up

This article is not directly related to parrots but to all wildlife in India. And the reason why I post is twofold: on the one hand, to show how India is taking things very seriously when it comes to wildlife AND to also show that there are, indeed, organizations there that do take care of animals that need rescuing. … 31–1.html

My daughter just got back from spending the summer in Delhi. There was a big, Jain bird hospital there. They would treat any bird, but birds of prey could never stay overnight. And if you brought your pet bird in for treatment, you wouldn’t get it back. It would be treated and then released.

I LIKE them!!! I always thought that Indian people were all very respectful and loving of animals [at least, the ones I knew and still know are!] but then I started seeing all the people that kept wild IRNs as pets there -and not even under good conditions, either! But I also realized that, in their minds, acquiring a bird poached from the wild is not considered cruelty. It’s actually a VERY common practice [and a problem] in underdeveloped countries [they still do it in mine with songbirds and, believe it or not, they do it here in USA, too!] But, in India, they know that keeping and caging them is illegal and they still do it - which bothers me a lot and not because I believe that every single law should be followed blindly because I don’t, but because this is one of the ‘good’ laws.