Do parrots enjoy music?

Do parrots enjoy music? Sometimes I’ll put on a record and I’m wondering if perhaps that may bother the bird. How can you tell? I’m also interested in playing instruments so I hope that won’t be annoying, haha.

Parrots, like us seem to really enjoy music. And just as we don’t like all music, they also have their preferences as to the music that they like. when my birds like the music they often join in by singing ( off key) and dancing to the music.

When Rainbow and Myrtle are doing their parrot contact calls they do not listen when I tell them to shut up. If I sing they get quiet to listen. Myrtle gets on my shoulder and hums since she does not know the words.

I think they all do but some species seem to be more ‘into’ music than others and to enjoy different types. Amazons LOVE to sing opera-style and, going by mine, they do have preferences (mine love country music and tangos, especially the ones where the singer is a woman) while cockatoos, for example, love a good, strong beat they can dance to.

Interesting. I hope if I do get a parrot he will enjoy what I play… If not, then I’ll just have to experiment I guess. Thank you!

Rainbow used to get so angry with the cockatiels for singing so pretty. He knew some children’s songs but did not think they were as good as what the cockatiels were singing. One day he started singing opera. It was before I even started playing the bird opera. She had me really confused. It sounded like a different language. Finally I caught the words “quack quack”. He had turned Old McDonald into a opera.Sorry about the he she mix up. I am still adjusting to her being female.

Mine like smooth jazz. But once in awhile when i clean up the apt we have to rock out lol

OH’s CAG likes classical and opera best and the Simpson’s cartoons. Kuri the CAG even says Doh.Taboo the TAG likes most music, but is not interested in cartoons.My Lory prefers tunes with a beat and fast pace and will bob up and down to them.Not discovered what Tupi the caique likes yet.

Connor absolutely loves it when I play my Sinatra. Blu couldn’t care less about any music though.

My Cockatiels always call out when they hear the music to Law and Order. There is just something in the tune that makes them respond.