Do parrots swim?

I’ve never seen a parrot swim or even float for that matter. Then again I’ve never put my birds in water deep enough and they seem to panic if it’s anything more than ankle deep.Not saying to go and try this, but just curious if anyone has seen their parrot swimming/floating and how that goes?

I have seen wild pigeons during a hot summer drop themselfs down into the water, wait a few seconds, and fly away again. The water in those places is too deep for them to stand in, so they are not touching the ground. I immagine this is to keep their young cool when returning to the nest. But I have seen young birds that have drowned when falling out of the nest in that same water. The edges are gradually shallower, so if they could swim, they could get out. Based on that, I say parrots can not swim. They will get waterlogged and drown. If they are not too wet to fly they will be able to get out though.

Birds that do swim have special oils so their feathers don’t get soaked. Scooter loves water, and he’ll bathe in a sink that’s gradually filling until he is half-immersed, but by the time he’s done with that, he’s soaked to the skin and I’m sure he’d sink. I think anything but the briefest soaking would render a parrot unable to swim. Toilet bowl drownings are right up there with ceiling fan injuries when you look at lists of hazards written up by vets, and I assume there is at least some truth behind it. Of course, somewhere out there is probably a species with waterbird feather properties, but I think that would be the exception.

Parrot fish can swim.

My B&G, wings were clipped, jumped down from his porch swing and landed in the lake, which was kinda rough with waves at the time. He was in about two feet of water. Parrots extend their wings like outriggers on a boat to help stay afloat. He was in for about two minutes before I reached in and grabbed him, or should I say, he grabbed me. I got bit and scratched pretty good, but he was only trying to really hold on, and that’s their way of saying to me let’s get out of here. It was very traumatic and he shivered and his heart was beating really fast. I called the vet and was told to keep an eye on him. I gave him a bath to wash off any germs that may have been in the water from other birds, etc. I cuddled him for a few hours until he calmed down a little. He did not make a sound, no talking, or eating for about two days. Slowly he snapped out of it after getting a lot of rest. There is a video out there somewhere of a parrot boarding or tubing behind a speedboat, so I guess they can swim and it is really hard for them to get airborn when soaked.

When taking a bath in the sink WALL-E would just spread his wings and just float there. If he didn’t spread his wings I think he would just drop like a rock.

I’ve lost them overboard i the ocean before and they floated but not very well. They were able to keep their head above water but that’s about all. Dipped them up and dried them off and they’re OK, but they were only in for a minute or two. Guess you need to read my thread under Parrot Tales now.

I expect they could keep their heads above water for a short period of time, but I wouldn’t consider that swimming… to me swimming is sustainable, something they could keep doing indefinitely. I think most parrots would quickly become saturated and sink if not fished out promptly.

i would say no. i have never seen a parrot ‘swim’ can you picture a parrot swiming? it would look very awkward