Do you collect your birds' feathers?

I’ve been collecting my birds’ feathers for a long time, both the birds I have right now, and the ones I’ve had in the past who are now deceased. I collect the tail, wing, and any extra pretty body feathers that have fallen out naturally, and are in good condition. I place them in an envelope for each bird, in a special box.For my birds that are deceased, the feathers are a keepsake that I cherish - a beautiful part of them thats still with me and reminds me so strongly of them. For my current two birds, its been nice to watch the envelopes get full over time. I’ve been collecting my Bourkes and GCCs feathers since I got them, and the envelopes contain every single tail and wing feather that they’ve shed (that I’ve been able to find in good condition around the cage and house) for the past five years. I don’t plan to use my birds feathers for crafts or artwork, but I have seen some beautiful arts and crafts, including jewelry, that people have made with their birds feathers. I’m wondering if anybody else here likes to collect their birds’ feathers? If you do, what do you do with them?

I keep at least 1 feather from each bird.When my birds are better I plan to keep all the tail/flight feathers and donate them to a charity that uses them for imping (repairing clipped or damaged wings).

We have kept all of Eddie’s and we will keep all of Percy’s too. He’s lost a couple just from a little panic in his transport from the breeder but he’s fine now.It’s to remind us of when they were babies…

I do keep my birds feathers.Theres a place where you donate a christmas tree [and it has to have a theme] It goes to a historical place where I live .Ive always wanted to do a parrot tree and incorperate the feathers somehow. I thought that would be unique.

I have collected all of Maxx’s tail feathers. I keep them in a bowl. I think they are really cool to look at.

I use bandits feathers every now nd then to make a feather pen

I agree with the OP, the feathers are a keepsake and have great sentimental value. It would be sweet to put a bird’s feathers in a locket or in a medicine bag. I’ve even thought about making Senegal feather earrings with some of the feathers Tiki plucked out. I did see someone selling their Senegal’s feathers on Etsy… that was interesting.

Yep. We keep Marvin’s feathers. He is a green Parrotlet and when his tail feathers come out, they are quite long for such a small bird and a beautiful teal green/blue color. We joke that we are going to make a whole new bird from all the ones we’ve collected

peers out from lurkdom I don’t currently have any birds, but I do collect feathers from a variety of domesticated birds so I can paint on them.