Do you have pets other than birds?

		Do you have pets other than birds in the house?

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Just wondering if people have more than one type of pet animal. How do you ensure birds are save if you have a cat for example, and any other challenges.Thinking of getting a dog

Yes. We have a bit of everything.We currently have 4 dogs. Ones 13, two are coming up 5 and the youngest is 1.Lots of training - they all know the birds are off limits. But I never trust them without supervision...and even then you have to be careful.Avoid dog breeds with high-prey drives. This includes most of the terriers. Retrievers are good with birds - theyre bred to retrieve birds with a soft-mouth and not damage them so that behaviour to be gentleis inherent. I`d say most of the working breeds are fine. Certain toys will be fine too.

This is my Male Bengal Kitty named Toro. He’s only 5 months old and vewy vewy cute. I used to have another Bengal Kitty named Neeni but sadly she was found in pieces by a nice lady with her dog. She was eaten by coyotes over the night. My dad took her death pretty badly.

I have a pet rock named Stan. I’ve had him for five years, and he’s potty-trained.Whaaat?

I have a 7 year old cat.

I used to have fishes but I outlived all of them. Makes me sound old ,huh? It’s amazing how little people know about rearing them. So no other pets atm.

Sekica wrote:I have a pet rock named Stan. I’ve had him for five years, and he’s potty-trained.Whaaat? I have had so much trouble potty-training my pet rock! How’d you do it???

I just put some paper under the pet rock, and that’s how he learned.The pet rock was actually a Christmas present from a teacher. The teacher wanted to give the whole class a present, but was too lazy and/or cheap so he just went to his driveway and picked up some rocks. I also had a pet flea I named Bob. He used to hang out in front of my computer, and then decided to ride on my hand while I was typing. He was a fun little guy flying around trying to follow my hand. He even ate sugar out of my hand.

I have a whoodle (part poodle and wheaten terrier), a siamese kitten, a cute little grey gerbil and last but not least 3 little goldfish!:slight_smile: I would have to say the dog is the hardest to look after. He has some seperation anxiety so we have to take him pretty much everywhere. We believe he was abused before we adopted him. He is a cutie though!