Do you trust your parrot not to bite?

		Do you trust your parrot(s) to feel around your face with its beak?

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I’m sitting here with Kili on my shoulder practically making out with me. She’s preening, feeling, and nibbling on my face. I trust her to nibble on my ears, neck, nose and whatever else she ends up doing and not biting. I do realize that instinct can take over in time of panic so I don’t do this if Truman is out or there is anything going on that could startle her.But now I’m curious how many people trust their parrot enough to feel around their face or not? Have you ever regretted letting your parrot do that?

I chose ‘no’ only because I’ve had him for such a short time we are still building the trust But he’s getting lots of shoulder time and will nibble my hair and ears quite softly. Tries to remove freckles though!

Michael wrote:I’m sitting here with Kili on my shoulder practically making out with me.

i also chose no. penny is allowed near my face he does get nippy if he feels he not being properly worshipped,mya could do alot of damage so she’s only near my face with her head down while i’m petting her head. i had my bluefront 17 years and the same went with him but after he saw penny kiss me he snuck up on me and gave me a kiss on the cheek after that i felt ok having him near my face. he was not a bird that wanted contact unless out in public around other people, he was abused before me so i was his safety.

BTW don’t get me wrong, both Kili and Truman can get a little rough and I shake them off. Or if something scary happens they could bite from reflex. But in a calm surrounding with one parrot at a time I do feel safe. I still keep them away from eyes and such just in case. But I’m not worried that they’ll bite my ears, cheeks, etc.

Rambo and Myrtle beak me but don’t bite. Myrtle even preens my eyebrows. My tiels don’t bite and the lovies don’t.Rambo and Myrtle both feel for the knuckles in my fingers. Myrtle loves my ear. I do have a problem of her holding my ear with her foot to hold on.

i did choose yes, weather from stupidity or trust I am not totally sure… But Polarn so far has only bite me once, and that was when I grabbed him over the back when i brought him home (I had no towel to cover) and even then it wasn’t to bad, but after that he has never bit, he do feel my hands with the beak, and the nose if I’m standing infront of him talking, or the ears when he comes to my shoulder… But since I’ve had to grab him over the wings a couple of times after i’ve brought him home becouse of him getting into bad situations, well getting into places i didnt think he would actually be able to crash… but even then he didn’t bite, so yeah i trust him to not bite, and if he does… well Ive chopped half my thumb off, and i still trust myself with powertools… (they were able to stitch it on I might add so I do have both my thumbs intact, part from it looking a little different than my other…)

I still have a visible mark on my neck from where Maxwell bit me a month ago. No. No. No.

I had a cockatiel named Rosie. I got her to go with a tiel that came with Rambo. The tiels name was Curley and he was a sweet boy but abused his mate. She had the same attitude as a battered wife. No matter what he did she went back to him. I tried putting them in the flock but she just would not stay out of his way. I rehomed her to a lady with a male who fell in love with her at first sight. (Sunny is living happily ever after with her new mate.)Okay - I wandered off. Rosie was a very young bird but I nick named her Pit Bull. That girl would clamp down and shake her head until she tore a chunk out.After 5 years Curley’s owner was able to have him back. I sent Rosie with him with the warning of her being a Pit Bull. I just hope they listened to me. (I have not heard of any chunks being taken as of yet.)Other than Rosie, the iguana bit me once but I had food in my hand.

Depends on the situation, if Stitch is calm, I am calm and we are relaxing on the sofa then yes, I trust him not to bite. He sits on my chest while I scratch him, and then he preens my beard as thank you, this can go on for an hour with him also walking around the sofa a bit, exploring. On the other hand, if I know he’s playing a goof ball, wants to play or is stressed in anyway, then he will sometimes bite, sometimes harder than others. I usually know when that is though, and I dont get many bites resulting in blood even if amazon bites hurt as hell regardless ^^.I will pick yes, because I feel I know him good enough to know when to trust him and when not to!