Do your birds have any irrational fears?

Is there anything your birds are irrationally afraid of? Have these fears caused any problems for you or them?

No. I can’t say that any bird of mine has an irrational fear. Right now, Pookey TAG hides from Freddy LSC but her fear is not irrational, it’s because Freddy loves to run and hop after other birds. All the others simply stand their ground and confront him and he stops because it’s just the chase he likes (he does the same thing to the cats, dogs and people’s feet) but Pookey hasn’t learned the ‘trick’, apparently. The only thing irrational about Pookey is that she hides under a cage when all she would have to do to get away from Freddy is fly to a high platform where he cannot follow her.

I really can’t say that I have ever seen an animal with irrational fears. I have seen animals that have fears that sometimes we as humans do not fully understand, but nothing that ever proved to be irrational for the type or species of the animal. For instance a bird may either attack a toy snake or run or fly from it in fear even if it has never seen a snake before. But is it irrational? I don’t think so, as I believe that they instinctively know that snakes are predators and that if the snake is large enough that it will try to eat the bird.

Irrantional is a human concept and we base that on our human ability to reason and be rational. We have to be much more trained by our parents than parrots do. They have a lot more already programmed instincts, so i think we often see them having an instinctual reaction, and it may look irrational to us. For example Gaugan is terrified of balloons. i have no idea why.