Does a lorikeets colors get brighter with age

1 of my lorikets is only a few months old and hes the first rainbow lory i had since a baby and just wanted to know if there colors get brighter with age hes on a healthy diet and is very friendly and his colors arent bright at all.his head is a very light blue and his colors arent bright its like his colors ran of his feathersill try uploading a pic later

his colors in real life are bland and have no brighhness like my other

Its possible, usually the birds true adult colours arent accurate until after the first or second moult. That said in some species females are duller in colours, are you sure he isnt a she?I dont know much abour lorikeets, what ive said is based on some other species so feel free to correct me.

im not sure if its a he or a she it doesnt bother me but im not sure about his colors and i know hes still a baby because his eyes havn’t pinned yet and his beak still has black on it which doesnt fully fade away until about 6months i tried looking it up on google but havn’t got any info yet

yeah every few weeks or so ill upload pictures and stories about how my birds are going on the forum … ature=mheethis is a link to my youtube chanel where there are videos of all my birds exept for my 2 rainbow loriesall the videos of the birds are my birds exept for the galahXcorella which was my previous neighbours bird

your is a beauty. looks so cute in that picture.

Having spent my entire childhood feeding the wild from our apartment balcony…Yes, they definitely do get brighter. Probably around the same time the beak/eye blackness goes away.

thanks for the info rebcart

Really? Where are you, rebcart?