Does anyone else find food in their hair?

Myrtle thinks everything she does should involve me. She carries food with her, gets on the back of my recliner and crumbs into my hair.It is 6 pm. I already told my babies "nite nite" like Rambo says. Myrtle is on my shoulder watching me type (I put her to bed twice) and I can hear Rambo in a dark room and eating. I did not have this much trouble putting my kids to bed.

Not food in my hair yet, but its just a matter of time before it happens. Enya spends as much time as I let her in my hair she loves up there.

Myrtle likes to chew up plastic bottle caps and wood. I find chunks of those in my hair.

I try to avoid letting Corsair stay on my head. But she leaves food (and other presents) on my shoulders and lap. She makes a big mess with orange sections.

Myrtle does that too. It is when she is on the back of my recliner that my hair gets it.