Does anyone foster parrots?

I am looking into becoming a foster for small and medium parrots for a local non-profit organization and I’m hoping someone here who has had experience doing this could tell me what sort of things I can expect to be asked by this organization as they screen me for the “job”. thanks!

Some will require a background check that rivals my military clearance. Some are so restrictive that it’s impossible to volunteer .Hardest part is the job never stops. I’ve been known to drive birds to Tennessee from north Florida if the home is the perfect fit. I don’t work for any non-profit at this point. I take in and rehome as many as I can.Be aware that if you decide to go it alone you could end up with more birds than you ever thought possible. Now I’ll only take one in when another is going to a new home.All the best and thanks on behalf of all those birds that need forever homes.Be Big,Alan

tarkus,You’re probably referring to the organization I’m thinking of joining. I don’t know how they compare to others in Florida (because I haven’t looked into any others) but they sure do seem thorough. On the one hand it’s good, but on the other if they are too hard nosed about it, then they are likely being counter productive to their own cause. I have thought of going it alone (only 1 bird at a time, or course) but I don’t want to have to pay vet bills out of my own pocket!! How do you deal with the expense alone?