Does anyone have an aviator harness they would sell?

Hi im looking for a new harness that would fit a (green cheek conure) because my other one broke. i am looking for an aviator one and someone who would ship to Australia, Tasmania. I am looking for an x-small or petetite. if you have some other kind of harness just post a picture and ill see if it looks okay, Thanks!

I would order one direct from the parrot university, they tend to be cheaper than retailers and have free shipping (to most countries if not all). You’ll want to get the petite size rather than the x-small but if you have any issues with that size I’m sure they will exchange it for you.I think your better of getting a brand new rather than second hand because then you can be sure there will be no damage to it and it hasn’t been in contact with any sick birds.

Thanks for the replies!