Does anyone's birds trim their own nails?

My irn’s claws are usually kept about the right length with the perches he has. There are two claws on his right foot though that grow quicker. Ace chews on those two claws and actually files them down until they’re as long as his other claws. Does anyone else’s bird do this?

No, but I wish they did, it would save me some heart ache and blood loss (my blood) when I have to do my two boys’ nails…speaking of which they need done this weekend…dammit! LOL!!

Yes, I have always clipped all 8 nails of our 3-year old Senegal, Puppy.If I don’t clip them they become as sharp as hypodermic needles.I wrap him in a towel so he can’t see me.I hold the towel package firmly but very gently down on the kitchen counter top making sure his head is gently supported yet restrained.I quickly expose, gently hold and clip only the tip of each nail with a large human toe-nail clipper.Then I set the towel-package on the floor and walk out the the room and the bird quickly gets out of the towel.I keep that silver powder stuff, which can stop bleeding, handy just in case but have never needed it.It takes only around 30 seconds; then it’s over and all is well.Puppy is immediately good to go.No hard feelings.I never clip close enough to risk bleeding, just to take the sharp tips off.I have to repeat this around 3 times a year.

Petey, Joey and Pixel’s nails don’t need to be done - the flagstone (rock) perch I have in their cages seem to do the work.I have to do Shade’s from time to time.I have to do Piper’s nails on one foot - but this is due to his splayed leg and how he holds his leg in general.I have to trim one of Pixel’s nails - she came to me with that nail growing upwards so I just keep it trimmed.I have yet to decide what kind of pedicure/pumice perch to give to Lea but I can’t wait to figure it out as her nails are the worst.