Does wifi affect birds?

Hi there, I just want to find out your thoughts on how/if wifi can affect parrots.Has anyone come across compelling research?

This is the only thing that I have found concerning this subject so far hope this helps.

It does not surprise me that birds are sensitive to wireless and/or cell phone radiation. I have a friend who is sensitive as well. We worked together at a NASA center, which has excellent wifi and good cell phone reception. She would sit at one end of the conference room to be as far as possible from cell phones and laptops to minimize her exposure, because they gave her migraine headaches. We did have a lot of birds, with everything from hummingbirds to raptors nesting on the buildings. Maybe not all birds are sensitive?

Or maybe there was something that prevented the waves to reach there (see how the canary got better when they ‘insulated’ his cage?)

Maybe, but we got wifi and cell phone signals between buildings. On nice days people would take their laptops outside to work. Still, wifi is fairly recent. Maybe the birds were nesting in their old spots from habit, and the next generation will move away.

But to where? Where can they go to not be bombarded with these signals?

It wouldn’t surprise me, I’ve head of people who have to live in caravans completely away from all electricals, they still don’t know if mobile phones are safe, people had doubts about microwaves for years until convenience overrode that fear.As for getting away from it you can’t really, not when so many animals have specialised to live in a certain environment.

They see you playing with it, so they want to play with it too.

And they all love buttons or anything else that can be pecked out.