Does your bird say his or her name?

		Does your bird say his or her name?

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Scotty has yet to say anything that resembles "Scotty" even though he is quite a good talker. However, he seems to have gone his first three years without actually having a name. Scooter, on the other hand, picked up his pre-name nickname before we actually got him named and uses it all the time. Does your bird use his or her name? How long did it take for him or her to start doing so?

I voted yes because Lucy says her name.Jessie, doesn’t say his name, but says ‘Hi buddy’ all the time.And Kylie doesn’t speak … at least not yet anyways.

Scotty has taken to saying “Hey Birdie!” ALLLLLlllllllll the time. I try to reply with “Hi Scotty!”. He also sometimes says “Hey Birdies” or “Dirty Birdie”. I think I said the latter ONCE and I’m regretting it. I guess I wonder if they perceive the name as belonging to them, as an individual, or if it is just another contact call…

Surprisingly Kili does not say her name. It’s the most frequent thing I say to her and it is her recall cue but she doesn’t do it. She does imitate the recall whistle I used to use and when I try to recall her she might do it instead of coming but she does not say Kili or even seem to try to make any sound resembling it.

Jango says Jango but sometimes is sounds like hello but sometime its very clear he is saying Jango

Mojo says many versions of ‘hi Mojo’. It wasn’t long after I got him (he was 3 months old when he arrived) that he started saying Hello and he started saying his name shortly after! Pele doesn’t speak at all.

yes my Sennie says “whatcha doin’ Marnie” “hi Marnie” and “MarnEEEE” when she is excited.along with a few “pretty bird, whatcha doin’ huh?, pretty birdie”

The only thing Merlin seems to want to say is "Step Up" for everything. I have tried to work on his name, but no success as yet.

lol i just remembered robert the cockatoo at work does that horrible cockatoo high pitch noise in the sound of his name but he does thisROBERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!and charlie the handreard short bill corllea shares roberts aviary and everytime i was past chalies right at the front and he brings his foot and and waves and says ‘hello charlie hello charlie hello charlie’ while waving his foot constantly at you

THe amazon I know says her name all the time to get attention as well as other common phrases said to her (step up(in context), pretty bird, hi Maya, etc.)and I swear I hear rainbow mutter ‘rainbow bird’ when she runs through her tube. It could be my imagination though